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Expatriates’ Legal Issues addressed

The third session of the webinar on “Expatriates and Legal Issues” organized by Pravasi Legal Cell Bahrain Chapter in association with Imac Bahrain Media City was held on April 5th evening at Imac Bahrain Media City.

Pravasi legal cell Bahrain chapter had its inspired and enthusiastic beginning when the need of opening the doors of justice to people who cannot walk the lengthy and costly route of grievance redressal system was felt strongly. Having no voice is no reason for anyone to suffer injustice and to live with it. The aim of rendering voice to the voiceless and demanding justice for people who have no access to the system, either due to ignorance or due to lack, has been the motivational force behind this endeavor. 

The event is well supported by the Indian Embassy in Bahrain. Indian Ambassador His Excellency Shri Piyush Shri Vasthava participated in the second session of the webinar and addressed the expatriate community. Sushma Anil Gupta, General Secretary, Bahrain Chapter, Expatriate Legal Cell, started the third session of the webinar by welcoming moderators Vinod Narayanan and Sharmishtha Dey. Jose Abraham, Advocate on Record of the Supreme Court of India and Global President of Pravasi Legal Cell, spoke on the webinar from India.

He answered and clarified many issues and doubts related to India emerged from the expatriate community.  

Indian Embassy 2nd Secretary Shri.  Ravi Shankar Shukla addressed the Indian community and answered questions and queries of expats on behalf of the Embassy during the webinar. Advocate V K Thomas, ICRF Vice Chairman and a renowned legal expert in Bahrain and Advocate Dana AlBastaki answered many doubts and queries of the expat community in detail.

The issue of divorce among expatriates and the procedures to be followed for renewal of child passports in such cases were elaborately discussed. Advocate VK Thomas and Advocate Dana AlBastaki explained the need to refrain from signing blank documents and the legal issues that would be encountered if so signed along with the legal action to be taken in such cases. Expatriate Legal Cell Country Head & Also Indian Diaspora Ambassador to Bahrain  Sudheer Thirunilath, Coordinator Amaldev and Francis Kaitharath, Chairman and Managing Director of Imac Bahrain Media City, spoke on the occasion.

On behalf of PLC Bahrain Chapter, legal experts Advocate V K Thomas, Advocate Dana Al Bastaki along with moderators Vinod Narayanan and Sarmistha Day were honoured with mementos. 

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