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Iman Khan’s last effort to win support by praising India fails terribly, rather earns more irk.

In the last speech of former PM Imran Khan praised India as a “very self-respecting people” and praised India’s foreign policy he said, “Independent foreign policy” ahead of the no-trust movement, by this he dropped himself deeper into problems, and his ouster.

Imran’s praise for India, from a country which always known for anti -India policies made him earn more anger from Muslim outfits in his country. As former Indian diplomat, TP Sreenivasan and former Indian High commissioner to Pakistan G Parthasarathy have said, by raising India, Imran tried to project himself as an idealist. 

The army in Pakistan follows what America follows. The US was unhappy with Imran’s moves including his Russia visit and helping the Taliban in winning power in Afghanistan. Imran visited Russia despite warnings by the US not to make such moves, Pakistan worked as a link in Russia China ties, says Sreenivasan.

G Parthasarathy, former Indian high commissioner to Pakistan said that Imran Khan is short-tempered and a complex man. He came into politics with the support of the military and the same military turned against him due to the short-sighted moves he made. “ Imran’s attempt to make Lieutenant General Hamid Gul as military chief irked the military. Gul who was Imran’s mentor supported radical Islam groups operating against India. He was anti-Indian and a supporter of Kashmir. Imran was impressed by the Indian foreign policy, India was not ready to compromise with anybody when it comes to the national interest. India stood firm even when the US imposed sanctions to discourage India’s trade with Russia.

Further Parthasarathy says, “He is the only Prime Minister who failed to win the support of Saudi Arabia and UAE, the countries where large numbers of Pakistanis live. Most of his policies were seen as undermining these nations’ influence in the Islamic world.

Vinod Nair

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