Flock Entertainment is new OTT platform initiated by TV actor Vijayendra.

After a production house, the small screen star Vijayendra Kumeria is now ready to unveil his OTT platform. V Krishnamurthy and Vijayendra started an OTT platform of Indian origin.

We at Flock Entertainment want to give the Indian viewers a variety of handpicked, meaningful quality series and films said Vijayendra, popularly known for his Shastri sister, Udaan, Naagin 4, and, many other TV shows.

“ We have a big collection of movies and series in Hindi, English, French Urdu, Punjabi, Spanish, etc. We have movies from Turkey, Iran, and other territories.

pic credit: flockstudio.in

The main reason for launching our app is to give the new generation a platform to showcase their capabilities and boost their dreams. It also gives opportunities for new talents, said Vijayendra talking to a reliable source.

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