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Introducing The Scholarships That Will Help Indian Students Study Abroad.

Indian students who wish to pursue undergraduate and graduate studies overseas are eligible for this award.

Indian students who want to pursue higher education abroad have access to almost hundreds of scholarships for different degree options.

This is a list of scholarships that students may want to look into in order to pursue their PhD, postgraduate, or undergraduate degrees overseas.Scholarships from the Hinrich Foundation: Numerous scholarships are available from the Hinrich Foundation to study in different parts of Asia.

The scholarships are intended to promote sustainable international trade and increase the continent’s level of prosperity.

The scholarship is available to people who genuinely show aptitude, enthusiasm, and desire to enhance international trade laws and corporate procedures in order to promote sustainable international trade.Scholarship in Honor of Prof. Emeritus Madan Mohan Das:The candidate will receive the scholarship to help with the cost of their 24 credits and two semesters of enrollment at the Asian Institute of Technology.

Mr. Bhargab Mohan Das, an AIT graduate with a 2005 degree in structural engineering, is the recipient of the scholarship. Prof. Emeritus Madan Mohan Das, the late father of Mr. Das, is the one who awards the grant.

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