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Phuro Paves The Way For Peace In A Better World

On UN Peacekeepers Day, PHURO Innovations promotes “Ecological Peace.”

May 29, 2024, WFY Bureau Delhi: On United Nations Peacekeepers Day, PHURO Innovations held its press conference at the Press Club of India with the theme “Fit for the Future, Building Together,” marking a crucial step towards a sustainable future. The occasion highlighted the critical need for “ecological peace,” arguing that harmony with Mother Earth is a necessity for any future.

Rachna Sharma, with experience at Harvard Business School and Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs, led the conference. She fervently emphasised the need for a forward-thinking organisation with a clear focus on attainable objectives. Sharma stated, “We have lost the lessons of Mahatma Gandhi, yet our power is within us. It is crucial to maintain positive peace, which includes the institutions, behaviours, and mindsets that support peaceful communities.” Invoking Gandhi’s ideas and paying tribute to dead heroes, the gathering highlighted the importance of peace in a functioning society.

The founder of the Indian Diaspora Global, Mr. Melwyn Williams, was one of the notable speakers, emphasising the importance of cultivating young potential and keeping talent within the country. Williams made remarks about how crucial peace is to society’s development and spoke in favour of maintaining India’s young potential.

In order to create ground-breaking prototypes, Shri Anand Kumar, IAS, a former secretary to the Indian government, emphasised the significance of continual research and awareness. His ambition was to establish a “Net Zero” community in India that would serve as a global leader.

Peacekeepers are messengers of perseverance and hope, and Special Commissioner of Police Shri Ajay Chaudhary, IPS, honoured their contributions. Chaudhary honoured the unsung warriors who devoted their lives to preserving peace.

The founder of the social impact organisation Raahein Gharana, Shefali Khanna, highlighted the importance of literary, artistic, and musical exchanges between cultures in fostering world peace. She emphasised the significance of intent in these endeavours and endorsed PHURO Innovations’ goal to raise awareness for a stable future.

Rachna Sharma also discussed the organisation’s commitment to eco-friendly technology and innovative solutions, aimed at supporting ecological peacekeepers and enhancing their impact. The theme “Fit for the Future, Building Better Together” struck PHURO Innovations, and they strongly advocated for the government to establish an Institution on Energy, Climate, and Space to promote ecological peace.

The news conference concluded by stressing the necessity of taking coordinated action to create a peaceful world and highlighting the role that shared information and education play as catalysts for understanding to expand exponentially. The call to action was unmistakable: world peace is synonymous with peace with Mother Earth.

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