Is There Any Similarity Between Georgian Khachapuri And Indian Puri?

“Georgia is a fertile country. Their Bread is as good as any in the World; their Fruit is delicious. Neither is there any part of Europe that produces fairer Pears and Apples, nor does any part of Asia bring forth more delicious Pomegranates.”

The Travels of Sir John Chardin into Persia and the East-Indies (1686)

As already mentioned by Sir John Chardin, Georgia is a beautiful country located between Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is bordered by the Black Sea in the west, by Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan in the south and Russia in the north.

There is a legend that the Georgians often share about the creation of their country. Interestingly, the legend involves food. The legend claims that when God was distributing pieces of land to all the inhabitants of the earth, the people of Georgia were late to reach as they were too busy eating and drinking. Finally, when they reached, they were disheartened to know that all the pieces of land have already been distributed. Finally, God gave them the piece of land that he had reserved for himself and undoubtedly it was the most beautiful part of Earth.

People of Georgia take pride in the fact that the country has been a production site of wine since 6,000 BC. Georgia is believed to be one of the earliest known countries in the world to be involved in the art of winemaking.

Georgia is known for its rich culinary tradition which has been influenced by the best techniques and traditions of Europe and the East.

Perhaps the most iconic and most common dish of Georgia is a cheese bread called ’Khachapuri’. The center of the bread is filled with a mixture of cheese, eggs, and other ingredients like the kidney beans. It is the most popular food in Georgia, both in restaurants and also as street food.  It can be called as Georgia’s national dish. 27th of February is celebrated as National Khachapuri Day to celebrate Georgia’s signature dish and also to promote its acknowledgment internationally.


The Khachapuri is served hot from the oven, otherwise it loses the taste of its unique cheese mixture just like the Indian ‘Puri’. The name connects two different cultures. The word ‘Khacha’ in Georgian means ‘Cheese’ and ‘Puri’ is an Indian word which means ‘Bread’. Puri is a very popular Indian flat bread made of wheat flour. It is immensely popular as a breakfast dish. The dough is rolled into discs and deep fried in oil.

Well, Khachapuris come in different shapes. The most popular is the boat-shaped bread with cheese, butter, and an egg yolk in the middle. The shape resembles the shape of a boat. It is known as the Adjarian khachapuri. The Imeruli Khachapuri looks like a pizza and has cheese filling inside it. Another favourite Georgian bread is the Lobiani, which derives its name from ‘Lobio’ or the Kidney Beans. This is similar to Kachapuri where the filling is made of kidney beans making it a much healthier version.

Today, Georgia is one of the most visited countries in the South Caucasus. The country’s rich culture, delicious cuisine and astonishingly diverse landscape make it an ideal destination for tourists.


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