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UK hot favourite destination for Indian students, USA and Canada not far behind

Maximum number of Indian students voiced their preferences for USA, UK and Canada as destinations for higher education.

For many, Graduate Immigration Route policy offered by the UK is the reason of preference. They are encouraged to apply for universities there.

 “Initially, I set my sights on New Zealand, but after second thought, I chose the UK,” a student said.

Several other are looking at the prospect of studying in the US and Canada to pursue studies.

According to experts, the UK is one of the favourites due to its Graduate Immigration Route policy, two years of post-study work visa and one-year masters.

The US has remained popular because of its economy, salaries and the present administration’s immigration-friendly policies.

On the other hand, Canada is sought-after because of its affordable education, easier visa and immigration routes.

In 2021, 49 percent students preferred the UK, while 36 percent chose Canada and 18 percent US respectively.

Meanwhile, Ireland is also been emerging as a hot favourite choice for Indian students.

According to Akshay Chaturvedi, founder & CEO, Leverage Edu, the UK has become the most preferred choice of students after the pandemic.

Chaturvedi further said US and Australia may catch up UK soon.

 “Thirty per cent of Indian students are going to the UK, followed by 25 percent to the US and 18 percent to Australia. Around 12 percent are heading towards Canada, while Ireland and New Zealand will have less than 3 percent,” he said.

 According to him, New Zealand can still be a lucrative destination for Indian students.

The quality of education in universities of that country and post-study work visas are a big catch for students.

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