Keep Your Family Tight And Close To Your Heart

A new study from the Pew Research Center, a nonpartisan American think tank, reflects people’s dedication to each other. The study, which polled nearly 19,000 grownups in 17 nations as to where they discover purpose in their lives as well as what keeps them going, discovered that family is the most important source of inspiration for most people worldwide.

Occupation and material well-being were consistently ranked among the top five sources of significance in the lives of survey participants from the majority of nations polled. Relationships were also consistently high-scoring, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States, where relationships were ranked second only to family as a reason for having a fulfilling life.

With 55% of Australian survey participants mentioning their household or kids when describing what gives value to their life, Australia had the maximum percentage of people who find family as their No. 1 source of inspiration.

What are the ingredients that are integral to your family’s recipe for a meaningful, fulfilling, balanced and joyful life?

There are endless permutations of what each family values and wants to work toward, but the foundation that is necessary to achieve those goals is consistent.

There are few things you should take care when it comes to your family.


Check whether you or your fellow family members are getting adequate rest. Is there someone who is ladened with most of the burdens of the family?

With proper rest in terms of quantity and quality you can get the best out of your family and its members. This should take care of the behavioural issues largely to a great extent.

Family should rejuvenate you to face the world much vigour and vitality.

Try all that works for you, from music to meditation to board games to gossips. All you need to be is consistent in what you do and follow up diligently.


Do you or your children or the folks at home have a purpose? One should have a purpose in Life. Find what is yours. Once you have a purpose you become more focussed in all that you do. You will find immense satisfaction from what you do and at the same time you’ll have the patience to wait and strength to cope in case you fail.

Be clear in your thoughts as in what is it that you need out of your life, family and most importantly from yourself?

Make sure you are working towards that genuinely. When your lifestyle, income changes drastically your close knit family help you to sail through the rough waters.


Food is one of the most important bonding factor in a household. There are connects drawn between food and emotional or behavioural characteristics. One should use your food and its habits to keep yourself and the family healthy and energised. Make your family members aware of the nutritional value of the food and this would ensure them to eat right for the rest of their lives. A dinner table with all the members partaking is a great commune. It helps to enhance mental and physical health along with the ‘wisdom sharing’ resulting in a much stronger family in bond and spirits. Ensure that there are no distractions, keep away technology and gadgets, encourage eye contact while you connect at the table, share your experiences of the day and how you felt in those circumstance or how you managed a certain situation, listen to others so that they feel being heard. All these are kind of a family textbook about how to live your life

As a family, eat together. Breakfast and dinner table gatherings were common in many households, and they may still be today. However, more families are eating while on the move as they rush to job or the next appointment. Because some family members may arrive home at different times, those opportunities for sharing and socialising are missed out completely.

According to the research, eating together is not only a great way to start or end the day, but it also promotes healthy dietary habits and weight management. According to a Stanford University study, “when a household sits around each other, it helps them handle the pressures of everyday life and the complications of day-to-day existence.”

Carving out mealtimes on a regular basis according to the study can enhance family dynamics. 

Just think;

What sorts of food could you prepare for your household? In your family, how could a shared meal time enhance the family bonding?


It is very vital to make the family and its members feel important. It is also crucial to let them know that how important are they to you. You have to nurture each and every relationship that you value in life. Give a sense of certainty, emotional safety and adequate connect in your relationship with your family.

Recreation, Sports or Leisure.

Most of the households has a game that they play together. It helps them to get out of the bad mood, counter anxiety, calm themselves, develop their individual identity, broaden their vision and prospect, strategize and on top of it all have fun. Besides keeping you mentally and physically fit it enables you to enhance other aspects of your life.

Travel together as a family

Most of us may not be able to afford a luxury vacation. But a vacations need not be expensive always rather it should ensure quality time spend together and having fun. Not all trips are expensive. Find the one that suits you. It is good to visit roots and the earthen living. Our children will learn a lot. If you happen to visit a farm where they raise cows, pigs, chickens, corn, tomatoes, okra etc. These trips would create humongous memories and experiences. Your children might learn to milk a cow or grab the eggs or chase a chicken. They might get themselves dirty playing the mud. They could learn to fish. These vital elements of life will give them a lifetime of learnings.

According to research, travelling as a family enhances communication, reduces the likelihood of divorce, strengthens longstanding family bonds, and increases a sense of well-being in both adults and children. Take family holidays on a regular basis! When treasured memories are created, it does not have to comply with the definition of “luxury.

Your children are taking note of your action and observe you very closely. Parenting is all about how you manifest yourself and introduce the values that are necessary for well-being and joy for your family.

For a better world and tomorrow let’s look into our own families. The healthier we are, healthier the World will be!

See you soon, Cia


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