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Know The New Massive Global Academic Race In 2024

The effects of artificial intelligence (AI) have drastically changed the global education landscape. AI has completely changed the way that education is managed and provided because of its automation, adaptive platforms, and personalised learning algorithms. Due to these advancements, education is now tailored to each student’s needs. The potential of AI to provide personalised learning—where each student is unique and has various learning styles and paces—is one of the major benefits of the technology for education. Universities have benefited from it as well because of intelligent tutoring programmes, computerised grading, and universally accessible smart classrooms.

Now let’s turn our attention to the Indian economy, which is becoming a growth beacon after two years of being among the fastest-growing in the world. Success stories like the Chandrayaan-3 moon mission demonstrated the nation’s prowess in technology and innovation. By serving as the host of the G20 Summit in 2023, India has further strengthened its standing in world affairs.

The desire to seek higher education has never been higher because of the tremendous rise in every industry. India has surpassed the US to become the world’s largest market for GRE exam takers, according to the Education Testing Service (ETS). This demonstrates how Indian students are becoming more conscious of the value of their education and its capacity to have an international impact.

In spite of these figures, India continues to be the world’s leading university growth engine and the greatest source of overseas students. The patterns influencing 2024 admissions indicate a nearly 35% annual rise in Indian students choosing to pursue international education. The demographic impact of Indian overseas students in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US is becoming more and more apparent.

It is essential that you weigh all the options before deciding if you want to study abroad. A student might find this intimidating because the procedure is inherently laborious and not at all simple. That being said, things become a little simpler when we’re on your side. The Times of India and Youth Incorporated have collaborated to present the 2024 edition of the top 100 global undergraduate and business school rankings.

The top undergraduate colleges and business schools for MBA, Masters in Finance, Marketing, Executive MBA, Online MBA, and Masters in Management programmes are included in these rankings. The rankings are further divided into groups according to the institutions’ locations and areas of academic specialisation to facilitate the process of choosing the top universities. Following the collection of objective feedback from more than 2550 institutions and more than 9600 recruiters, students, and graduates, we were able to identify the top 100 colleges and business schools.

This is a 2024 analysis of the performance of business schools and undergraduate universities.

rankings for undergraduates

This year’s changes to the universities listed in the Global University Rankings 2024 have not been significant. Harvard University dropped to third place in 2023, but it rose back to the top this year. Stanford University, which had held the top spot until 2023, is now in second place. Princeton University came in second in 2023 and sixth in 2022, and is now ranked third this year.

MIT is now placed fourth this year, moving up the rankings after dropping to sixth in 2023 and losing its second spot in 2022. Columbia University is now ranked fifth this year, three spots higher than it was in 2023. Following rankings of third in 2022 and seventh in 2023, the University of Pennsylvania is now placed sixth this year. Yale University, which was ranked fourth in 2023, is now ranked seventh this year.

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