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Look Indian-Origin Technical Professional Naveen Havannavar Is Elected to Pittsford Town Council In New York

A nail-biting victory.

Havannavar began his political career with the Democratic Party, announcing his candidacy in January 2023 and winning a primary election by a narrow margin of three votes in June. His campaign relied on traditional grassroots tactics such as door-to-door canvassing, social media outreach, event hosting, mailer distribution, and personalized phone calls to voters. These efforts culminated on Election Day, November 7, when Havannavar won thanks to strong support from the local and Indian American communities.

Working with the incumbent Democratic

In a calculated move, Havannavar campaigned alongside incumbent Democrat Cathy Koshykar in the hopes of securing both available council seats for their party. Their combined efforts paid off, resulting in a victory for the Democratic Party on the Pittsford Town Council.

An inspiring journey.

Renuka and Parappa Havannavar, Naveen’s parents, had a strong influence on his decision to enter politics. From a young age, he was instilled with the values of community service and discovered his calling in serving the public through political leadership. The recent election of the first Sikh Indian American judge to a trial court in New York, which Havannavar hailed as a step forward, reflects the growing acceptance of Asian and Indian Americans in leadership positions in the local US community.

In addition to his political activities, Havannavar continues to work as a technology manager at Paychex. His diverse interests and accomplishments include modelling, acting, obtaining a pilot’s license, raising a family, and painting a complete picture of the newly elected council member.

Naveen Havannavar’s victory highlights the growing importance of diversity and representation in US politics. His groundbreaking achievement inspires other young Indian-Americans to take on leadership roles and actively shape their communities.

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