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New :Information On Artificial Sweeteners And Male Contraception.

There have been many medical firsts and discoveries in 2023, but there have also been many worrying headlines.

 From the first proof that anti-obesity GLP-1 medications improve cardiovascular outcomes beyond weight loss alone to the FDA’s approval of the first RSV vaccine, ‘Arexvy’ in the United States, 2023 was a year of numerous medical firsts. Other major developments include the FDA’s approval of lecanemab for Alzheimer’s disease after it was proven to reduce cognitive loss despite severe safety concerns.
In terms of birth control, men have fewer non-barrier choices than women, despite the abundance of tablets accessible.

Will consuming artificial sweeteners like sucralose cause cancer?

The connection between artificial sweeteners and cancer:This study discovered that a component in a commonly used artificial sweetener may cause DNA damage.

Sucralose-6-acetate, a metabolite of the sweetener sucralose, was the substance of concern. According to the study findings, sucralose damages gut health and may cause oxidative stress, inflammation, and DNA damage, increasing the risk of cancer.

The following are the most prevalent foods that contain this sweetener: “It’s in chewing gum, salad dressings, barbecue sauces, sugar-free jams…”

This study was conducted on human blood cells, which is a crucial distinction. . An typical human weighing 70 kilos would have to consume 18 liters of sucralose-sweetened beverages everyday to see the same DNA-damaging effect.

Why is there so little research on the cancer-causing effects of artificial sweeteners in people, despite the fact that we are aware of the numerous health hazards associated with consuming too much sugar in general?”

Although it is a difficult topic to answer, there are numerous hurdles to doing such long-term human trials, including finance, time, and ethical concerns.

Why isn’t a male birth control pill available yet?
Men’s contraception and birth control options: This piece on the male birth control pill inquired as to why there were no oral contraceptives for men on the market, despite the fact that female versions had been in use since the 1960s.

 Although condoms are the most commonly used barrier method of contraception, they may not be appropriate for everyone since the materials, spermicides, or lubricants used within them may cause allergies, and there is also the risk of the condom breaking. In the case of vasectomies, reverse may have a 95% success rate of sperm recovery, however conception after reversal is still only 30-70%.

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