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If you are seeing something good as well as bad about the person who is sitting in front of you ,  what will  you  immediately say , his  good point or bad point. In most of the cases we tend to say his/ her negative point first. This is the built-in of most of us. Why this is happening, that most of the time we come out saying negative first and positive later about the person we have just met.

So it is true that, following happens in most of the cases unless you try to set your mind-set right and try bring about change in you by doing something different.

So, now we come to this conclusion that 

  • And we  also say that is  our  built in or say this is the set up in our body at the moment  that makes us always say negative first and  followed by positive  in some cases. This can be changed but question comes how one can change this kind of mindset or built-in feature immediately or in the short span of time.

So what do we do for this……?

We should develop a habit of saying positive first, which  is not our built -in from the very first day.

It takes a month or so to develop such a habit.  So try this

  1. Praise one person every day for a monthThis is the formula that always works.
  2. Every morning u should promise yourself that u will praise at least one person in the course of the day for one good thing that u spot in him or her.
  3. We must learn to appreciate friends, colleagues, subordinates, parents, brother, children  in front of mass.
  4. We must realize that every other person u meet is more talented than u at something or the other one should learn to appreciate that bit.
  5. Practice appreciating people for one good thing that they have  for a month  or so and you will find a change in you for sure.  This is experimented and tested.
  6. What benefit do we get out of this?

NEWTON’S THIRD LAW (ACTION & REACTION) – for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. In this case reaction is bigger than your action.

  • you give happiness you get happiness more than what you have given
  • you give pain you get  pain more than what you have given
  • you give attention you  get attention more than you have given
  • you give tension you get tension more than what you have given
  • you give joy you get joy more than what you have given

Whatever you give you only get that but in bigger quantity, so choice is yours what do you want……

This is a very simple method to achieve happiness and joy for you. Our ultimate goal is to be happy. Whatever we do, we do everything to make ourselves happy only.

So appreciate people and make them happy. Everyone is hungry for appreciation and happiness.

So practice saying positive for a month whosoever you meet, it is not very difficult to find a positive point in the person you meet every day.  With this habit, you discover that when you meet someone you only talk or appreciate about his/her positive points. You are being honest while giving your thoughts out.  Now you have developed a habit of saying positive first. In other words now your built-in has changed and positive thoughts are travelling faster than your negative thoughts in your body. That is an achievement for your mind and body.

It is very simple to improve your mind and body this way and this is not very difficult task to do. In this way, you make yourself happy by making others happy.


  • Stop criticism and start loving people
  • Highlight only positive points of others .  At times you do say both negative and positive, but first highlight more positive followed by one or two negative points, this is well absorbed by the concerned person.  And then, undoubtedly he/she will try to correct or improve on his/her negative points.
  • Relate with the person not with his/ her status
  • Always keep a smiling face
  • You are happy by making others happy
  • Happiness is the key to success

HAPPINESS makes you fit

HAPPINESS makes you perform better in your work.

HAPPINESS keeps your relations very nice with your family, friends and colleagues.

HAPPINESS is more valuable than money. Money can’t buy happiness for you but happiness can definitely create ways to get you more wealth or money.

So if your happiness part is going good everything will fall in place.

In this context, if anything you wish to ask please do ask in your comments.

Till then good bye……take care and stay safe.

Virender Rawat

Virender Rawat is currently working as Deputy General Manager at AI Engineering Services Limited Formerly Air India Engineering Services Ltd. He studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at College of Engineering, Guindy. He is an avid communication professional and trainer. He is a trained theatre artist , has done modeling and acted in films too.

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