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Spectacular “Study Group” Gives Some Of The Amazing Opportunities

Study Group, which collaborates with over 50 colleges, has unveiled new initiatives aimed at high-achieving Indian students who are thinking about pursuing further education in the United Kingdom. Ian Crichton, the CEO of Study Group, disclosed this information to the public during a press conference in Mumbai in order to make sure that deserving Indian students are aware of the top-notch educational options accessible.

Crichton announced that he anticipates a 40% rise in the number of Indian students enrolling in UK higher education this year with Study Group’s assistance, in addition to the introduction of new International Year One programmes. He also talked about how Indian students are seizing the chance to study abroad and are currently the majority of international students in the UK. They do this because of the country’s excellent reputation for teaching, its longstanding policy of welcoming Indian students, and the employment opportunities that its graduates have.

In line with the UK’s emphasis on career-oriented education, students are prioritising curricula with strong business linkages and internship possibilities in highly skilled professions, according to Crichton.

The STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math—including computer science, artificial intelligence, and data science, which are very relevant to the rapidly changing tech world, are of special interest to Indian students today. However, because the UK is a leader in these fields and draws students looking for cutting-edge instruction and abilities that will be relevant in the future, business, management, finance, law, and health continue to be popular topics, he continued.

Study Group has introduced a number of new International Year One programmes, or International Year Two programmes in Scotland, in pertinent academic areas in response to the evolving aspirations and professional goals of Indian students. According to the press release, these programmemes are especially made for international students who are thinking about applying straight to an undergraduate degree programme but are not familiar with the UK educational system. They would therefore benefit from smaller class sizes, more language instruction, and support tailored to the academic skills associated with that level of study. Study Group has developed these programmes in collaboration with its partner universities.

The goal of the curricula is to give overseas students the assurance that their academic aptitudes are on par with those of domestic students educated in the UK. Motivated students can meet the requirements to move to an advanced stage of a degree at the university of their choice on an equal footing with their UK peers by means of a concentrated study period and customised support.

After meeting the necessary academic requirements, students can graduate in two years with a degree. Study Group’s university partners determined that 94% of students who successfully finished their International Year One or International Year Two curriculum were qualified to continue to their selected university the previous year.

Noor, an international first-year computer science student at Teesside University International Study Centre in England, agrees that academic and personal development improve employability post-graduation and that studying abroad has given her a newfound sense of confidence. “When I came back home, I really didn’t talk to anyone. I gained the ability to converse and speak with people after moving here. In the classroom, students gather to debate issues and work through challenges together.

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