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The Kitchen-(less) revolution

“Kitchen is not safe. 

Our lives are ruined within its wall.

We are enslaved in it.

We will never cook again…”

Screamed and decided

A few women. 

Slogans rose, march-pasts shook the streets.

It was the beginning of a revolution.

The fire in the house was never lit again.

Kitchens are closed and later, demolished.

They clapped & rejoiced. 

Men couldn’t do much 

as womanpower could do a lot…

Every street there rose food counters,

Like those swiggy-zomato. 

Food travelled from those counters 

To each homes.

Houses were built kitchen-less.

Women relaxed and enjoyed.

They didn’t know what to do 

With those saved time-to-cook.

The new culture got adapted slowly.

But the children missed the food 

Prepared, served & fed by their moms,

They missed the aroma,

They missed the sight of transformation 

Of ingredients to the cooked food in plate.

They wanted to see pooris fluffing in oil, 

They wanted to see coconuts being grated

They wanted to be beside their mothers 

While they grind, chop and roast.

They liked seeing spreading dosas, 

Rolling chapathis and squeezing juices. 

They liked to draw the icings on cakes.

They liked making lizards with atta-dough.

They missed everything associated with 

The process of cooking.

Many weeks passed so.

Then slowly it all started to change. 

Health started diminishing.

Lifestyle diseases increased, 

Medical bills shoot up, 

Pharmas & healthcare industries boomed.

Food could no longer satisfy the taste buds.

It could never subside the appetite too,

Something was missing.

None knew what to do.

None could cure the state of unwell-ness.

Then, one day, an old woman arrived, 

“Shhh she’s a healer”, said someone.

She said, “I know the reason for your misery. 

The food lack one ingredient.”

She revealed that ingredient.

“And It can be added 

only if the food is prepared at 


by the hands of a family member.”

People thought, let’s try this, 

After all, they had no choice. 

Thus each home started lighting the fire,

And vegetables were chopped 

Noise of vessels wakened the walls.

The smell of cooking filled the home 

The smoke from each kitchen

 created clouds.

Food was cooked and served.

The forgotten art of cooking was revived.

Taste buds were rejoiced.

People ate as though they have never eaten before. 

Their stomachs were filled and were dancing-

Not just stomach, but their minds too.

They decided to continue 

Doing the thing which they did now:

To cook- like their ancestors did.

They thought of thanking 

the old woman healer, 

She wasn’t there… 

She left looking for another place 

where people needed her.

Now, oh my dear reader,

 it’s your turn, can you guess,

 what was that magic ingredient,

 which the old woman had taught

 the people-

 to add to food?

Sandhya Naren

Sandhya Naren, a Kochiite currently living in Mangalore, is a Banker by profession and a Storyteller, Writer & Trainer by passion. She writes Poems & Short stories in English & Malayalam. She balances life of Logic & Numbers at office with Fantasy & Creativity when not in office.

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    Hi Sandhya,I
    beautiful lines. ❤️


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