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Who Will Win The Popular May Queen Title This Year?

WFY BUREAU BAHRAIN: As the curtains rise for the Grand Finale of May Queen 2024 on May 31st, anticipation and excitement reach their peak. Successful completion of the Casual and Talent Rounds, along with the National Costume Parade, prepares the stage for the final confrontation that will crown May Queen 2024.

The May Queen 2024 pageant, themed “Beauty Re-defined,” is more than just a beauty contest. Its goal is to enable participants to advocate for positive cultural changes and inspire others by “being the change” and challenging stereotypes. This year’s theme, “#URBeautiful,” promotes body positivity and honours feminism beyond beauty.

The contenders’ road to the crown has been a full experience. They’ve had grooming sessions and expert speeches on a variety of themes, including health and wellness, skin and hair care, public speaking, mental health, and yoga. These sessions not only prepared them for the tournament but also helped them grow personally.

Karun Raman, a recognised fashion choreographer, celebrity influencer, LGBTQ activist, and YouTuber, will lead the competitors on this transforming journey. Karun Raman, the show’s choreographer, meticulously taught the 25 finalists, honing their ramp walk, poses, and overall stage presence to ensure they exude grace and confidence.

The Indian Club Executive Committee offered heartfelt gratitude to the sponsors and the entire May Queen 2024 team for their contributions to the event’s success. They also extended a cordial invitation to all fashion fans to join them in celebrating this journey of glamour, skill, and ambition in the finale.

The May Queen 2024 pageant will not only crown the main titleholder but also present several subtitles, adding to the excitement. The subtitles are May Queen’s Beautiful Smile, Best Catwalk, Audience Choice, Photogenic, Best National Costume, Vivacious, Congeniality, Talent, and Propaganda.

We will award the following titles:

  • May Queen 5th Runner Up,
  • May Queen 4th Runner Up,
  • May Queen 3rd Runner Up,
  • May Queen 2nd Runner Up,
  • May Queen 1st Runner Up, and
  • May Queen 2024.

As the finalists excitedly await their moment in the spotlight, the audience is in for an evening of elegance, talent, and inspiration. In 2024, who will emerge as the May Queen? As the Grand Finale unfolds,

Sarmistha Dey

Sarmistha Dey is an Indian Diaspora staff reporter at WFY, Bahrain bureau. She is an experienced HR and media professional. She is a poet as well as a singer.

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