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You see : A viral image now offers the beloved biscuit of the 1990s a chocolate twist, leaving internet users bewildered.

Rich, chocolate-flavored, Dark Parle-G Biscuits However, Dark Parle-G is not mentioned on the official website of the brand.

For decades, Parle Glucose, often known as Parle-G biscuits, has been a mainstay in nearly every Indian home and was a childhood favorite of the 1990s generation. Since the biscuit brand was a popular tea-time snack in Indian homes, it is frequently linked to childhood memories.

But these recollections took a “dark” turn when a photo of Dark Parle-G’s chocolate flavor went viral. The widely shared image displays a white, red, and black packet with packaging that is just as basic as the “genuine” Parle-G. It said, “Delicious Chocolaty.

Dark Parle-G Biscuits” on the package. Social media users reacted quickly to the picture when it quickly went viral.

Some users think it’s an AI-generated image, while others find the concept of “dark” Parle-G objectionable. “It’s orio (Oreo) from 1980,” said a user. “Not looking good,” said another user.

The third person questioned, “Is this altered or real?” @ParleFamily— I don’t know if this is real or not. Another user pleaded, “Please consider starting to make it; it looks so damn delicious.”

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