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Better Lives: Meena Is The First Female Sarpanch Of Vyara

Meena Behen, the trailblazing woman who is breaking barriers as the first female Sarpanch of Vyara, Gujarat. She is an inspiration to many, leading an all-woman Panchayat Board with her remarkable journey.

Historically, women holding positions of power was not a common occurrence. In today’s world, women are taking charge and demonstrating strength in various fields. We must also recognise the contributions of the women who have paved the way for young girls to dream big. Among the many names on the list, Meena Behen stands out. Meena has made history by becoming the first woman sarpanch of her village, Vyara, in Gujarat.

We also celebrate National Panchayati Raj Day on April 24. The 73rd Amendment, which granted constitutional status to Panchayati Raj Institutions, marked a significant milestone on this day in 1992. Take a closer look at Meena’s remarkable journey, as she shattered barriers long before they were even acknowledged.

Sarpanch Meena Behen from Vyara, Gujarat

Meena’s appointment to the Panachat marked a significant milestone for her village, as she became the first woman sarpanch from her community. Vyara now has its own Panchayati Board, marking a significant milestone after 65 years. Meena leads the Panchayat Board, making it an all-women team, adding to the list of significant achievements.

Meena comes from an era when women faced significant challenges in advancing due to patriarchal society. There was a time when women were completely silenced in the presence of men. In an era when women faced significant challenges in expressing their views, Meena emerged as a trailblazer, setting the stage for future generations.

During a previous interview, Meena expressed her disappointment at the fact that many women also criticised and belittled us. However, it seems that this is a constant presence that has motivated us to keep going and strive for improvement each time.

Women play a subordinate role in society. Numerous Vyara villagers expressed their belief that they could never be leaders.

Discovering the Impact of Meena Behen’s Actions in Her Village

Meena and her pals attribute their capacity for leadership to the self-help group (SHG) that World Vision India helped to form. The interactions and activities arranged by World Vision India have had an enormous effect on us, fostering a sense of assurance and empowering us to become leaders in our community. ” The world beyond our homes remained a mystery, unexplored and unfamiliar.

As an all-woman panchayat board, we have made it easier for women and children to bring their issues to light. “Women are more comfortable sharing their problems with us now.”

Furthermore, they constructed a road to enhance the villagers’ accessibility. It was beneficial to establish a connection with the outside world. In the past, pregnant women faced challenges when it came to accessing an ambulance during emergencies.

The all-women Panchayat board also worked diligently to raise awareness about important government schemes. Meena and her group of friends, as well as other women leaders, have been working tirelessly to improve society’s welfare. Their focus is on areas such as housing, infrastructure, and more.

Meena, along with other women, plays a crucial role in empowering themselves and others, serving as catalysts for positive transformation within the panchayat system.

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