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Who Need Arms To Drive? An Unusually Strong Woman

Introducing Jilumol Mariet Thomas, a remarkable woman from Kerala who has achieved a groundbreaking feat—becoming the first Asian woman without arms to obtain a driving license.

Jilumol Mariet Thomas exemplifies boundless passion and unwavering determination. A 32-year-old woman from Kerala has achieved a remarkable feat by becoming the first Asian woman without arms to obtain a driving license. Jilumol skillfully uses her feet to propel herself forward, thus accelerating her life’s pace. After a six-year wait, she finally received her license in 2023. Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan personally presented the license to her in Palakkad.

Thomas was born without arms due to a congenital disorder. Driven by her unwavering courage and determination, she accomplished the feat of driving herself. She collaborated with the State Commission for Persons with Disabilities and a private company in Kochi to modify her car for handicapped accessibility.

Jilumol Mariet According to reports, Thomas had always harboured a strong desire to drive a car, particularly after the tragic loss of her parents. This longing stemmed from her desire to gain independence. She acquired her driving abilities at Mariya Driving School in Vaduthala before proceeding to the Thodupuzha RTO in the Idukki district to obtain her licence. Following the rejection of her application by RTO officials, she firmly decided to take her case to the Kerala High Court.

Following the court’s intervention, Thomas underwent a test and proceeded to drive the modified car in the presence of MVD officials. Despite her repeated attempts, the authorities once again denied her request for a driving license. Eventually, she reached out to the State Commission for Persons with Disabilities. The commission cited Vikram Agnihotri from Indore as an example, making him the first armless man in India to obtain a driving license.

After much effort, she was able to obtain the license this year. Thomas expressed his satisfaction with obtaining his license, stating that it has allowed him to overcome his greatest challenge: mobility. Her unwavering commitment to obtaining the license, regardless of the obstacles she faced over the years, serves as a source of inspiration for countless individuals.

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