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Key points of Indian PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ with students and parents

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about education, parenting, exam stress and more while addressing students and parents in the 5th edition of ‘Pariksha pe Charcha’ on April 1.

The fifth edition of the annual event was an interactive one and was held in the Talkatora Stadium in New Delhi. During the interaction, Modi spoke on a variety of subjects and also extensively spoke about the much-debated NEP 2020. “So many people were involved in drafting the policy. We were brainstorming for last 6-7 years. We also stood inputs from teachers and students from remote areas of the country,” said Modi. Modi also said who when he spoke about the ‘Swach Bharat Abhiyaan’ for the first time, people were sceptical. “But the country’s children proved the sceptics wrong, he said. “They spread awareness regarding the cleanliness campaign,” PM Modi said during ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’.

Some of other important things that he said during the interaction are:


“The education system has improved in our villages. A society that does not encourage the education of women will never progress.”

“Online education is based on the principle of attaining knowledge while offline education is regarding sustaining that knowledge and practically applying it further.”


“Students sometimes face difficulties in making important decisions. They should develop a habit of revising whatever they have learnt in class with their friends. This will help them absorb knowledge together.”

“Students should not feel they are under pressure from teachers and parents to score good marks.”

“I want students to keep away from panicking during exams. No need to go create an environment of fear, no need to copy friends, just keep doing whatever you do with full confidence and I believe all of you will be able to be in a festive mood during exams.”


“Parents should not inject their dreams into children. They should be allowed to decide their future freely.”

“Parents sometimes fail to understand the strength and interests of their children. We should understand that every child is blessed with something extraordinary that parents and teachers fail to discover many times. But children can only bloom if they have the right support from their parents and teachers in identifying their strengths in order to fulfill their aspirations.”

“Students are often in a dilemma – should they fulfil their own dreams or their parent’s dreams? This puts them in an endless loop of confusion. I urge parents to understand their children’s interests and help them identify their strengths.”


“Playing is essential for every child’s growth and prosperity. Playing sports is a must. Sports teach courage and team spirit, and help students understand competition in a healthy way. But since a long time, sports is being taught as an extra activity in schools. This has been changed under NEP 2020. We cannot build the 21st century by using the thought processes and policies of the 20th century.”

PM Modi concluded with a mention of yogic practices – especially meditation – and how important they in daily life. “We often connect ‘Dhyaan’ and concentration with Rishi-Muni (sages and ascetics). But the truth is that we all need that in our everyday life. It teaches us to be present in the moment and concentrate on the task at hand.”

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