DESTINY TUNERS: The Three Laws of Motion.

We learnt Newton’s three laws of motion, but never thought of NATURE’S LAWS.

What do you say? Where are they? Do they exist?

Yes, not only do they exist, but they rule the world.

These are stated in ‘AYURVEDA-Veda of Life’.



You might have seen images of particular things zooming in 100 times in micro and zooming out 100 times in macro. They will be the same, which means the world at large and small is the same and whatever is in the world is in a human being. So the human body has 70% water, like that of the Earth. Nature and humans are the same.

According to this law, you are the Universe, the creator, occupier, and destroyer within yourself. So you have the liberty to choose any mode at any point of time. Try to be good, generous, helpful, and a solution to the world, and you will get the same in return. If there is a problem created by man for nature, then nature will create the same for us. We realised this during the pandemic. This is very much applicable to our thoughts also. Whatever we think, act, or pretend to be, destiny also plans in the same way. Your destiny is the replica of your thoughts only. It’s a mirror image. That’s why the locality, the area in which you stay, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the books you read, the food you take changes your thought process and, in return, your destiny changes. People who live in neat and clean areas will not make a mess for others, but will instead try to clear the mess, whereas people who live in messy environments will try to complicate matters. It’s not their fault, it’s because of the environment and the replica in their minds. Destiny changes with the changes in the surroundings. Changing people, friends, jobs, lifestyle, or anything else will change your mind-set and, in turn, your destiny. Vastu, Astrology, and other techniques are independent branches, but the first law has a huge impact on our lives and will remain the backbone while tuning our destiny.

Doing something good, solving someone’s problem without expectation, becoming a solution to a problem, will start programming the good life. Donating something to someone in need is found to be common in all communities and spiritualities. But when it is with the right interest and cause, then only good will happen. Say, for example, you donated some money to a needy person on the road. With that money, he got drunk, quarrelled with someone, went home, beat his wife and children, and got himself injured badly. Was it a good cause? If such things happen because of the donation given by you, then it will bring back the same things to you. That’s why the donation of time and money needs to be done for the best cause and to the right person. People feeding dogs, cats, or other animals with manmade food on the road with the intension of getting something in life are actually interfering in the food chain cycles, natural habitats, and pre-programmed things of animals and nature. Hence, your natural destiny tuning process is interfered with by unwanted things. Nowadays, cats do not kill mice. The natural programme of survival remained intact to avoid unwanted situations. Instead, try to help human beings. No bird will die because of food. They have a natural programme of survival. They have a fixed destiny, tuned by Mother Nature. Only humans need help because we do not live a natural life. We live a life in a system created by human beings. So the term “destiny tuning” is possible only with human beings or animals or things or programmes living with human beings.

If the donation in any form is made without disclosing your name and source, then it is considered the best donation. This will be back unknowingly in various forms and at the right moment. The Universe is programmed in such a way that it applies this first law. To fine-tune our destiny, we must act wisely and follow this rule. The time we spend, the money we use, the actions we do need to be invested in things very useful to others, without expectations. Every work we do, every service we give, every time & money we spend needs to be consumed with the intention of right donation. Every flourishing business is a solution to some problems and useful to others. You will find things done with kindness and commitment flourish, and the people doing them are happy.

The first rule of the universe was there from the beginning of the world and will remain the same irrespective of time, space, and dimensions. It’s very vast in nature and takes time to understand, particularly when we don’t know it in depth. We must further decode the first law of the Universe to make our pre-programmed lives happier and with the intention of fulfilling the right purpose of our lives.

To be continued…

(The Second Law of Nature will be discussed in the following chapter.) 

Jaiprakash Bhande

Jaiprakash Bhande, well-known as JP in the film Industry is a Cinematographer - Director. He is an Ayurveda enthusiast, a traveller and a social worker. He has authored a book, 'DESTINY TUNING'.

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