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Some hidden facts about the current state of affairs concerning the “Study in UK.” 

STUDY IN UK” is now one of the most common advertisements seen in the Indian media. There are plenty of reasons behind this: the UK has been an educational hub for international students for years; it has an easy admission process; an easy visa for international students; and a diverse range of courses with a wide scope of specialisation. However, are the students fully aware of the issues regarding job visa sponsorship after their stay back period in the UK? Most students come to the UK with the dream of making a better future. Their families spent all their savings and took hold of education loans to attain their son’s or daughter’s ambitions. At times, these students may not even earn the amount they have actually spent.

UK government statistics published on August 25th, 2022 state there was an increase of 89% in the student visa applications approved from India by the end of June 2022. Specifically, an approximate number of 118,000 Indian students. Nonetheless, outside of the medical, IT, and robotics job fields, the percentage of students who receive job sponsorship by the end of their stay is only 5–10%. After their stay-back period, 90-95% of students are forced to return to their home country, shattering all of their dreams. Most companies in the UK don’t prefer to provide job sponsorship since it is more expensive and has a higher standard salary package. As a result, the only benefit for students who come to study in the UK is the ability to return home with a degree or post-graduate qualification.

Some students try to find a solution to stay in the UK by spending another £5000–£1500 to gain a Tier 2 work permit as a senior carer in UK care homes. They receive a senior carer visa for 5 years, reasoning to themselves that they could change back to their own profession after receiving permanent residence in 5 years’ time. But most companies hesitate to accept a professional with a 5 year gap in experience and results to be a carer for the rest of their life in the UK. Even after receiving good remuneration from the care job, their lives would be incomplete, as they may not be happy in their career. This can also lead them to depression and addiction.

From the point of view of our nation, India, we will be losing our well-educated Indian professionals working as carers in the UK for the rest of their lives. Actual awareness must be given to our students before they start their overseas studies.

Leon Jose Vithayathil

Leon Jose Vithayathil is a finance professional currently working and residing in the United Kingdom. He is an MBA graduate in Financial Management. He currently works as a Credit Controller with a reputed company in High Wycombe, which comes under the top three waste management and disposal companies in the UK. He pre-owned a company and was an international merchant of spices from Africa and South-east Asia to India. He had also worked as a Chief Finance Officer for an Italian pharmaceutical company in Africa. Leon has been very vocal about social issues faced by the Indian diaspora.

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