Destiny Tuning, Important Aspects You Need To Know


Chapter 3: Three Laws Of the Nature.

We learnt NEWTON’S THREE LAWS OF MOTION, but never thought of NATURE’S LAWS. What do you say ? Where are they ? Do they exist ?

Yes , they do exist. In fact, they rule the world.

These are stated in the ‘AYURVEDA-Veda of Life.’

In the last chapter, we learnt the first law of life : PRAKRITI PURUSH SIDDHANT.

In this chapter we will learn the second law: “PANCHMAHABHUTA SIDDHANTTA”—Principals of five elements.

The five elements of nature are Prithvi (Earth or Matter), Aap (Water or Force), Tej (Fire or Energy) , Vaayu (Air or Quark) and Aakash (Space). Everything in and around the universe is made up of these elements in various combinations or with the dominance of one or more of them. For example, air also has water, heat, dust, and space. Dust carries molecules of water. Water has gas in a form to be released. These are the principals of materials in all their forms. All five elements rule the universe. According to the first law of life, “the percentage of tatvas in a human body is equal to the percentage of all elements in the universe.” Hence, the percentage of water on Earth and in a human body or in an animal is the same. The same is true for heat, water, air, space, and materials on or off the Earth and throughout the Universe. Everything contains all these five elements. No other elements are present in the universe. We can’t make them. Our body is made up of all of these things, but to keep it alive, it requires aatma, or life.

These five elements have the following areas of dominance in our body:

  1. Prithvi (Earth or Matter): This has weight, and the sense of smell is the dominance of this element in our body. So smelling the flowers makes our minds stable.
  2. Aap (Water or Force) : This has the tendency to hold the materials, and the sense of taste is the dominance of this element in our body 
  3. Tej (Energy): This has the characteristics of heat. The sense of sight is the dominant element in this regard in our body.
  4. Vaayu (air or quark): This has uncertainity as its main characteristic, and the sense of touch is the dominance of this element in our body.
  5. Aakash (Space) : This has a mixture of things as a main characteristic, and the sense of sound is the dominating sensation in our body.

All these elements are taken into consideration while changing or maintaining a state of mind. That’s why some communities use specific perfumes or essences in their prayers. Astrology and Vastu are based on these elements. This is the fundamental aspect of tuning destiny as the weak are replaced by the strong.

In the next chapter, we will learn how to use this law to tune our destiny.

To be continued…

(Next Chapters: Second Law Of Nature to tune your destiny..)

Jaiprakash Bhande

Jaiprakash Bhande, well-known as JP in the film Industry is a Cinematographer - Director. He is an Ayurveda enthusiast, a traveller and a social worker. He has authored a book, 'DESTINY TUNING'.

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