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The One Who Loves Love

By love, your

smell has to be wrapped around me

Wake up in the flavour of kissing and sleeping

In the snow rain,

Cloud was draped as saree,

The star used as Bindhi,

Hair was braided and decorated with star flowers,

Sun as Mangal Sutra

The rhythm of the heartbeat and

the breath of breaths

The tone is filled with music.

A sparrow which does not spread its wings

The silence is in the lust of the eyes

Trapped and struggling for words

If you’re nearby,

 trees bloom unknowingly

Through the vein of the soft touch

The sea of milk

overflowing with love

Night rain descended in you

body sprouted in the kisses

Love wounds turned into sweet swells

Only remain within.

Went down through your eyes to the depths of the mind

By the fiery love string that goes

My heart is drawn to you.

Smoke of an unquenchable fire of love

something pierced inside the brain

It’s burning like a flame

In the silver ovens of the dream sky

Sowing new bells of love

Love seed on the street of love

The mind has no boundaries

Exploding in the inner cores

Reflections of love,

love that comes to you

When you hug yourself close to your chest

The moment of the breaking of the beak in the eye

You and I have to be ourselves.

Love which far from the paths of lust

Love that begins and ends in love

Sindhu Gatha

Sindhu who has taken up a pen name ‘Gatha” for herself, writes for online and offline Indian publications. Sindhu is an executive member of Artist Club International. She represents Bengaluru zone as an executive member for Creative Women. She dons multiple hats as, chief editor of Kids magazine Champaykka and a member of the editorial panel of KAMA. Sindhu is the Editor of Kavyakalika and Editor of Sargam e-magazine. She is also one of the editors of Sarggajalakam by United Writers, Bangalore. She is a member of editorial panel of Srishti printed magazine. She has been awarded the first prize of Suma Mohan Memorial poem writing competition, Kollengode Ashrayam College organized general writing and Mundur Krishnankutty Memorial Story Award for the year 2021 instituted by Vyaparakeralam.

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