The heart of every Mother, desires to save her child, at the time of delivery. She doesn’t even hope for a caesarean nor would she like to kill her child growing in her womb.

The word “abortion” comes from the Latin word ‘aboriri’ which simply means to perish by untimely birth.

There are several Anti- abortion movements, that do not support abortion, but advocate prolife. So they are referred to as Prolife Movements. These movements, are involved in the debate of the practice of abortion and questions its litigation.

My heart break for every child who doesn’t get an opportunity to live life as is planned by God. My heart breaks for the mother who felt like they couldn’t handle the child to be born into this world, and so has decided that abortion was the only way out, by killing it in the womb itself. I understand how this mother, must be feeling now. She may be going through numerous guilt feelings and this haunting thought, must be hurting and causing her to get angry and wild to herself, because she can’t bring back that same child to life. It definitely hurts me to think of any foetus being aborted in the womb.

Just as it may hurt any Mother, it hurts me, to think, how a mother could fall prey to society and all the gossip about her would entail? My heart breaks for all the fathers who deny all responsibility for their child, who fail to defend the life of their child or who decided and pressured her to have their child aborted.

I am so astonished to even think of this sad plight, all over the world, and as humans, where are we heading to? Surely, we are duped by the practice of this social evil called ‘abortion’. I am actually heartbroken to examine, the statistics. Annually, there are approximately 56.3 million babies killed by abortions, worldwide, much against the will of God.

Pope John Paul II defines Abortion as, “The deliberate and direct killing, by whatever means it is carried out, on a human being”, named ‘Mother’. “In the initial phase of a child’s existence” extending from conception in the womb, to death in the tomb, is the sacred plan of God.  “The general motivation for abortion is the prevention of birth.  An Abortion is done by all types of members of society, whether married or unmarried, young or old, women with or without children, and at virtually all socio-economic levels of society, where this practice is widespread. Probably the larger number of abortions can be accounted for among unmarried young women. It is an “abortion occurring without apparent cause.” This means that an abortion is ever occurring and recurring naturally.

 It is also called a miscarriage by artificial means. Many, try to avoid this unpleasant name of ‘abortion’ induced artificially and purposely in the interest of the maternal health of the mother, or to safeguard the gossip and scandal it entails in public life.

There are a number of questions that arise in my mind. So, I thought of penning a few lines in an answer to these questions. Even penning these lines, would least effect, those who regularly habitually practice this social evil. It has to be nipped in the bud. I am unable to stop this part of deadly practice, that not only kills the baby in the womb, but affects the good health of the mother, and invariably tortures her mentally. It also affects her all round physical wellbeing.  On penning this article, I desire that our social workers and nurses should actively get involved in a pro-life movement. So that we can save many a good mother, from sin and death. At least a dialogue, or counselling to mothers, in a few cases, or a street play enacted by youth, may help and gradually reduce the numbers.

I strongly believe, that Jesus came not only to save us from sin, but also to be an everlasting example to others on how to respond to this aspect of abortion, as a Christian. The life that we are called to protect and defend is not an abstract concept, but it is manifested in the flesh and blood of every newly-conceived child, a poor marginalized person, a sick person suffering from discouragement or a terminal illness, a person who has lost their job and cannot find work, a refugee or ghettoized migrant, life manifests itself concretely in people.

Human life is sacred to God. He alone is the creator of all things including human life. I know this is also how Jesus’ words deal with the tragedy of abortion.  Scripture tells us that we are created in the image and likeness of God. The Creation of human life, is such an amazing fact, that God has gifted creation, and procreation, to two human beings who are lawfully married, to produce and reproduce by means of natural intercourse. But the truth is, that this sacred marital act is often abused and misused, out of wedlock. If we look into scripture, we find that it gives us a thorough view of pro-life, and teaches us how God values it. So much so, that He sent ‘His Only Son’ Jesus, to die for us, so that we can live with him forever.

Our life is valuable to God our Father. Catholics believe that all life is sacred from the moment of conception in the womb, right up to death in the tomb. “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.” Jer. 1:5.So let us safeguard this sacred and precious life, that enhances Pro-life.

–    Sr. Rufina Tuscano

Rufina Tuscano

Sister Rufina Tuscano is a member of the congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Fatima. She hails from Vasai. She has been in the educational field as principal of High School and junior colleges of Fatima sisters in Mumbai. At present, she is the provincial superior of Mumbai Province. She is a good orator and free-lance writer of topics concerning religious life within our congregation.


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