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You See Anil Menon, Who Is Now An Indian-Descent NASA Astronaut.

NASA announced that renowned physician and aerospace specialist Dr. Anil Menon has been selected to be a member of the 2021 Astronaut Candidate Class, ushering in a remarkable new chapter in his remarkable career.

Menon brings a plethora of experience and skill to the field of space exploration, having served in the military, emergency medicine, and aerospace medicine. Menon, a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, had a solid academic background before pursuing careers in aviation and medicine.

He attended prestigious universities like Harvard University and Stanford University to further his education after graduating from Saint Paul Academy and Summit School. There, he studied medicine, mechanical engineering, and neuroscience. Menon’s career has carried him all over the world. He has supported medical missions in remote areas of Afghanistan and India in addition to doing research on neurological illnesses at Harvard.

He gained priceless expertise as a flight surgeon during his time serving in the California Air National Guard and the United States Air Force, where he was instrumental in helping injured soldiers and aircrew members receive medical attention.

Menon joined SpaceX in 2018, leading the organization’s medical department and helping to get missions ready for human spaceflight underway. In addition to promoting research projects and private astronaut programs, he was a key player in guaranteeing the security and welfare of astronauts during space flights as SpaceX’s chief flight surgeon.

Menon has remained steadfast in his dedication to clinical practice and research throughout his career, emphasizing emergency medicine and space medicine.

His involvement in critical care missions and the publication of multiple research articles have served as recognition of his contributions to the medical field.

Menon will train and become ready for upcoming space missions, such as postings to the International Space Station and the Artemis missions to the Moon, as he sets out on his adventure as a NASA astronaut candidate.

His commitment to promoting human space exploration and his broad skill set make him an invaluable member of NASA’s astronaut corps.

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