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You need to know: This 10-year-old Indian genius founded a website and now owns a Rs 6,0000000 firm.

There are lots of kids in the world, but very few of them grow up to be really smart and launch enterprises valued at crores.

Young businessman Shreyaan Daga has accomplished amazing things at a very young age. From an early age, he began earning and pursuing his passions, and he hasn’t looked back. During the pandemic, he has been assisting educators in establishing approved courses for youngsters as extracurricular activities. His proposal was also funded by Shark Tank India.

When he was ten years old, he made his first website using code and sold his first painting for Rs nine thousand. He also used to provide high-interest loans to students. He began working as an intern in the stock market at the age of 13, and he also used a Rs. 2 lakh loan from his father to launch his own business. After the tenth grade, he dropped out to concentrate entirely on his startup.

During the pandemic, Shreyaan came up with the concept of letting instructors offer certified courses to children as after-school activities. These classes are said to benefit kids in the long run, in addition to teaching them valuable skills.

In the past, he facilitated online live learning sessions between parents and schools, offering advice on skill development courses to enroll in.

Each live session costs Rs. 133 per participant and includes five to fifteen children. Daga gets about Rs 2000 every session if there are fifteen people in it. After receiving positive feedback, Vineeta Singh and Piyush Bansal backed his proposal with a 5% ownership investment in Shark Tank India, valuing his business at Rs 6 crore.

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